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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Once again, the Senators win.

Nice try, he still scored.

The Sens once again won and are now a perfect 5-0-0. Despite this, I can still complain. Never pleased? Maybe. But I think it has more to do with the fact that this team just isn’t playing their best hockey. I can’t really say they are playing bad hockey – I just know they can play better. There are times where it just seems they aren’t trying and then they will turn it on for 5 minutes and get 2 goals.

Brian Elliott was awesome. In to give Gerber some relief the rookie kept Atlanta to just one goal. He made some big saves on the doorstep and looked very technically sound. It was nice to have a goalie in there that doesn’t give out a big juicy rebound.

Elliott in his other starring role.

For those who did not see the game (it was available on Sopcast), here is a summary:

  • Chris Kelly gets an early goal on a partial break. Shoots from the circle and gets it underneatKL’s blocker.
  • *Whistle* Announcement: Offside Ottawa.
  • *Whistle* Announcement: Icing Atlanta.
  • *Whistle* Announcement: Offside Atlanta.
  • *Whistle* Announcement: High stick Ottawa.
  • Kovalchuk gets the puck off of a bad turnover and roofs it. In off the post from the slot…no hope.
  • *Whistle* Announcement: Offside Ottawa.
  • *Whistle* Announcement: Offside Atlanta.
  • *Whistle* Announcement: Offside Atlanta.
  • Vermette gets a super long “pass” from Phillips and takes a slapper from the circle. Top shelf far side. Beauty.
  • Whistle* Announcement: Icing Ottawa.
  • Joe Corvo takes the weakest point shot I have ever seen on a PP and it somehow goes in.
  • *Whistle* Announcement: Offside Atlanta.
  • *Whistle* Announcement: Offside Ottawa.

Alright – I have a confession. This entire summary was all a clever ploy to show you all just how much I hated the Atlanta arena announcer/announcements. Like honestly….I half expected to hear “Just so you all know, you are currently at a hockey game”, or “The city you are located in is called Atlanta”. Thanks for holding my hand mommy. I guess Atlanta is going for the NBC approach.

Overall, can’t really complain much. Not the best outing by the Sens, but a good one. They won the game. Go us.


jesse-dog said...

thanks 4 the game,elliott should add to the goaltender question,we want the cup

TJ said...

Yes, for once it looks like we will have a good goal tending controversy in Ottawa.

Elliott looks like he will be a capable backup next year when one of Emery or Gerber are gone. Of course, it is hard to tell after only one game.